Hardik Pandya said his goal to establish a culture where the players would be allowed the opportunity to play freely after India defeated New Zealand in the T20I series. He added that India attempted to follow a similar plan for the just finished T20 World Cup in Australia, but they fell short of their goals.

Rain forced a quick stop to the third and final T20I, with India's score matching that of New Zealand (as per DLS Method). The result was a tie, with the visitors taking the overall series by a score of 1-0.

At the press conference following the game on Tuesday, Hardik stated, "In my opinion, as a captain, I want to give as much freedom as possible, the kind of culture where the player can go out there and play with freedom" (November 22). "Even throughout the World Cup, it was present. We could not win since there were obviously things we could not have done better, which were brought to light. But it would continue to be in the future. We won't play in a particular manner. The goal is to have fun while playing; if you want to hit the first ball, we will always support you, and we'll work to make sure the players may play freely."

Mohammed Siraj, who won Player of the Match for his excellent bowling performance of 4 for 17 — the speedster's best T20I bowling stats, received plaudits from Hardik as well. The pace bowler successfully induced a collapse by using hard lengths, with New Zealand losing their final eight wickets for only 30 runs.

The all-rounder remarked, "Siraj did precisely what I needed from this wicket. Hardik demonstrated once more that the group will aim to play purposefully under his direction.

"In T20 cricket, you will undoubtedly be hit. If you want to play defense as a bowler, you will eventually have good days and bad days, and it will actually haunt you. Therefore, the strategy for me and my bowling team is straightforward: let's be aggressive. What will take place? We'll drop the match." It is not about being aggressive or going for a wicket every ball, as I also emphasized in the previous game. It is about your behavior. Your attitude and body language are key factors.

Sanju Samson and Umran Malik were not included in any of the games, and Hardik ignored the commotion and insisted that every player will eventually be given a lengthy run.

"At this level, what people are saying outside doesn't really matter. It's my team, and I should do what I and the coach think is proper," he declared. Everyone will have a chance since there is plenty of time, and when one does, he will have a lengthy run. Naturally, opportunities would have been afforded if the series had been longer and there had been more games. However, I don't believe in chop and change when it comes to short series, and I won't in the future either.

Rain had an effect on each of the three encounters. The setup, according to Hardik, will nevertheless benefit greatly from the condensed series. The bowling of Deepak Hooda definitely checks a box, and Hardik anticipates that in the future, more batters will roll their arms over.


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