As soon as he recorded the fastest double ton, Kishan said, "Could've scored 300 also."

Ishan Kishan was on his haunches just a few months prior after failing to reach his first international hundred in Ranchi by seven runs. The fastest ever in men's ODIs, he now has a double hundred to his name rather than simply a hundred.


In just 126 balls against Bangladesh in Chattogram, Kishan reached his double century. In comparison to Chris Gayle, who previously held the record, that is 12 balls faster. When the India opener reached the milestone, he still had 15 overs to bowl. Why would he be looking at something even bigger?

"I feel fortunate to be included beside such great. 15 overs remained when I was removed, I still remember. The possible score was 300!" In Chattogram, where India scored 409/8 after being asked to bat first, Kishan told the host broadcaster during the innings break.

"The pitch was simply too nice for batting. I had a very specific goal in mind: if the ball is there, I'll go for it "Kishan continued by mentioning the pitch. This ground in Chattogram offered true bounce to play the shots and little lateral movement in comparison to Dhaka in the first two ODIs.

The second wicket partnership between Kishan and Virat Kohli totaled 290 runs, with the latter scoring his 72nd hundred in international play. In contrast to what he had done in Ranchi against South Africa, Kishan claimed that batting with Kohli had helped him stay grounded and not throw away opportunities.

"Virat bhai has such a keen grasp of the game when it comes to batting. He correctly predicted which bowlers I should choose (pick and target). When I was in my 90s, he was calming me down. He advised me to acquire it in singles since it's my first when I wanted to bring it up with a six."

On the day of the game, Kishan was seen spending a lot of time at the nets, and he explained that his IPL teammate Suryakumar Yadav had offered him some guidance. "spoke with Surya bhai. He claimed that you can see the ball well when you bat before the game. I tried not to put myself under too much stress. I simply wanted to seize the chance."

When India plays the World Cup at home later in the year, Kishan's announcement of his candidacy for the starting place will be vital.

" I believe that other players also advance from having batted in various locations depending on their batting position. I can't protest and demand that you bat me at this specific position since I'm a rookie player "In the post-mach press conference, Kishan said. "Utilizing the chances that are presented to you at this stage is crucial. That is how major players are developed " Rahul Dravid exclaimed in joy. He is also aware that not everyone who wants to play and succeed will be given the opportunity. because our positive side is so strong already."

Does Kishan's performance today so ensure his inclusion in India's upcoming team? The 24-year-old responded, "I don't know; I don't think these things. "I can only perform when I get the opportunity. I'd rather let my bat speak than engage in conversation. Whether or not there is room for me."

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