I'd be discouraged if I was bowling against Surya: Pandya

The best words always seem to come from Hardik Pandya. Many of his colleagues who play under him would attest to it, as will everyone who tuned in to watch the Rajkot Twenty20 match and was speechless. Because how else would you explain Suryakumar Yadav's incredible knocks? In his most recent one, a lightning-quick 45-ball hundred, he used even sharper paddles and deeper scoops while playing balls higher up and farther outside of his body. When questioned about the innings, the India skipper, though, had the ideal response in his distinct manner.

At the post-match presentation ceremony, Pandya said to host broadcaster Star, "If I were bowling to him, I'd be upset... because of the kind of strokes he has been playing." "He's been shocking everyone every night, and he's telling them all that this batting is really rather simple, you know. He has been playing blinders after blinders, which is great for him because it is now becoming a habit.

"I walk away from him. You don't have to explain much to him. He is fairly experienced now, he is aware of the circumstance, and he is aware of the details. Additionally, if he encounters a scenario about which he is unsure, we always have a conversation and, you know, arrive at a resolution."

However, Suryakumar discovers a lot of the answers during the practice sessions. He will tell you that the key to success is "placing pressure" on yourself long before the deadline approaches.

When you're getting ready for any game, Suryakumar advised, "I think it's incredibly vital for you to put pressure on yourself." "What you do, the procedures you follow, and the routines you stick to during practice sessions are all very significant. Additionally, if you put a lot of pressure on yourself during practice and session, it becomes a little bit simpler when you are participating in a game.

"There is undoubtedly a lot of work involved, but you also need to put in some good practice time. You should be aware of your strategy and, at the end of the day, how you're going to get your runs down. And I just try to keep things as basic as possible."

Suryakumar blasted nine sixes in his innings of 112* off 51, which is a T20I record for him. His sixes were able to travel over long leg, deep backward square leg, deep midwicket, extra cover, backward point, and even fine leg. What is his secret? "There are some planned strokes, but you also want to have some alternative options in your toolbox in case the bowler bowls some other deliveries. If so, you should also be prepared for other strokes."

Despite Pandya's admission that Suryakumar is rarely necessary to speak with, the batter's interactions with the head coach couldn't be more routine. "Rahul Dravid just allows me to have fun. He simply urges me to "just enjoy yourself, just express yourself, and strive to be the game-changer" regardless of what I'm doing or the circumstance I find myself in."


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