A T20 case study is Suryakumar Yadav. His batting arc is a full circle, the crease is his dance floor, and on his best days, the opposition is nothing more than human-like bowling machines. He gets T20 batting in 2023 like very few others do, as evidenced by his selection of shots and strike rates (175.76 in 48 T20Is, 149.20 in 242 T20s). As a true star in Twenty20 cricket, switching between the two white-ball formats should have been easier.

Suryakumar had exclaimed, "Just days after scoring the first of his three T20I centuries in July of last year, Because there are five fielders inside the circle, ODIs have an advantage. So your strokes and expectation are generally about scoring runs." There's rationale to the philosophy in principle, however hasn't exactly worked out in reality for the Mumbai player, who has now batted in 20 ODI innings with ordinary returns (433 runs at a normal of 25.47 and a strike pace of 102.36).

The majority of Suryakumar's ODI appearances occurred during a T20 World Cup year (2022), dimming its significance in a time when white-ball ICC events roll on every year and force teams to take a myopic view of progression and planning. However, as things stand, the injury to Shreyas Iyer may have prevented him from playing in a crucial game leading up to the home World Cup later this year.

"We are unaware of Iyer's return. After the second one-day international against Australia, Rohit Sharma stated, "So, at this point in time, there is a spot available." Therefore, we must play him (Suryakumar). He has shown a great deal of potential with the white-ball and I have said it oftentimes previously, folks with potential will be given a run."

Suryakumar still has enough T20 goodwill to win, even after a run of 10 ODIs in which his best performance was an unbeaten 34. From the crucial batting position of #4, which was, strangely, India's biggest problem leading up to the 2019 50-over World Cup, how consistently adaptable he can be to the hums and rhythms of ODI cricket?

Even though the two formats appear to share many characteristics, rescuing India from a precarious position, such as 10 for 2, will require a different type and level of batting application in ODIs than in T20Is. Suryakumar has only batted over 50 deliveries twice in 20 innings, when he scored his two half-centuries. In the name of intent, starts have been wasted; this tactic works in T20 cricket but needs to be tempered in ODI cricket from two-drop, especially on days when the team needs to be guided out of a rough start. It remains to be seen whether that can be done.

"Of course, we have seen his game, and he is aware that he must also perform well in the game's slightly longer format." He also has things in his head. Guys who have potential will play enough games so that they won't feel like they didn't get enough chances in that slot. He really wants that reliable run, similar to consecutive games, 7, 8 and 10 games like that. so that he can feel more at ease," Rohit stated.

In the current series against Australia, Suryakumar's technique against the moving ball is also questioned by two first-ball ducks that are identical. However, as Rohit suggests, the mercurial batter will have chances to respond. Suryakumar, on the other hand, has a limited amount of time to impress as the medical team carefully manages Shreya's situation.

Beginning with Wednesday's down, India have seven ODIs and an Asia Cup to play to distinguish and secure in their best mixes for the World Cup. Rohit has thrown the proverbial ball into the swashbuckler's arc by providing some of those games to Suryakumar despite his poor form. The T20 phenom's ability to serve as an ODI mainstay will determine whether or not he can do so.

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