Piyush Chawla is by no means past his prime as a cricketer and may fall within the definition of a late bloomer given by Harvard Business Review, which reads: "Age typically brings wisdom, resilience, humility, self-knowledge, and creativity."

The Art of Late Bloomer theory contends that Chawla can become a fully realized philosopher just as late in life as Aristotle, so why not Chawla? He is undoubtedly punching much beyond his size. Chawla was the hardest bowler to score off in the high-scoring game at the Wankhede on Saturday night that saw 415 runs scored.

Has Mumbai Indians lost the definitely challenged game to Punjab Rulers by 13 pursues yielding 96 runs in the last five overs and Chawla is scarcely to fault. He had bowled three overs for 15 runs with two wickets at an economy pace of five. According to reports, Rohit Sharma did not consider him for the full four overs scheduled for each player.

The Mumbai bowlers gave up 31, 13, 25, 10, and 17 runs in the last five at a rate of more than 19 runs, and Chawla, who was the team's best player on the night, was not used in the final over. Although this is only a possible scenario, Chawla's current form suggests that a Chawla over might have resulted in fewer runs and a smaller target than 215 for the home team.

Chawla stands out like a lone ranger among the Mumbai Indians' pantheon of bowlers because he has taken the most wickets this season. It was no mean accomplishment for, a not bowler have takers last season. He was a late pick by the MI franchise for the 2023 season at a base price of Rs 50 lakh.

He appears to get better with age, just like wine. His muscle memory from years of playing domestic cricket is helping his cause. He seems to be able to read the batsmen well, and his wrong-uns are precise and tight without a doubt.

"He is able to study the batsmen because he has played a lot of Ranji Trophy cricket and bowled a lot of overs. He has gained influence and certainty. Piyush is now more interested in bowling googlies than leg breaks. According to L Sivaramakrishnan, a former leg-spinner, "the current batters are unable to pick googlies, and the effectiveness becomes even more." His goggles are working well for him despite the fact that he is not a big turner of the leg break.

After only playing one game in the 2021 season, Chawla vanished from the Indian Premier League in 2022. He is still one of the league's top five wicket takers and leads his franchise's bowling chart with nine scalps this season. Mentor Imprint Boucher calls Chawla a weapon for his side.

We have been fortunate to find him. Because he has been around for long enough, I wouldn't say "find." He got his start when he didn't get a chance. He seems to be having fun. He is doing very well for us. He is currently a significant weapon for us. Trust he will go on with his structure. Tonight, he bowled very well. The South African states, "He is in a good place at the moment."

In the relatively recent past he was not in a decent space. Even his fellow leg-spinner Amit Mishra was negotiating for him to appear on a television channel and provide expert commentary, which is typically a post-superannuation avocation for Indian cricketers. Mishra as well, as it turns out, is among the best five wicket-takers of the association and is doing great this season.

Both leggies have impressed Sivaramakrishnan. Amit Mishra is bowling flawlessly, slow through the air, throwing the ball up. Piyush bowls a lot of faster through the air, he doesn't throw up a lot. That isn't his normal style. Amit Mishra's normal style is to give a touch of air and slow through the air. However, "I am not surprised that they are among the top wicket takers of the IPL," the Chennai-based former India spinner states. "But both are using their muscle memories."

Mishra, 40, played on Saturday as well and bowled well for Lucknow Super Giants. However, as fate would have it, he was also on the losing side, just like Chawla, who appears to be on the upswing and is rediscovering himself in the predominantly batsman-dominated league.


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