There will be a void left if you fail to retain quality players: Boucher

There have been upwards of 36 200 or more aggregates in IPL 2023. Six of these scores have been against the Mumbai Indians. At the Wankhede stadium, three of those runs were scored on wickets that were conducive to batting, and MI also won four chases with more than 200 runs. However, the fact remains that the five-time champions lacked the bowling firepower they needed, as Jofra Archer only appeared in five matches and Jasprit Bumrah was absent throughout the tournament.

After losing their first two games, they came back strongly in the competition and won four of their last five league games to advance to the playoffs, with Gujarat Titans defeating Royal Challengers Bangalore serving them well. Yet, their process finished in Qualifier 2 after the Titans thought of a combative batting show, drove by Shubman Gill's third hundred of the IPL season.

While lamenting the shortfall of their key pacemen, MI's lead trainer Imprint Boucher said the group attempted to manage with the choices available to them. " You can take a gander at Bumrah not being accessible, Jofra not being accessible, they are quality players. In the event that you are missing out on your quality players, yes leaving a hole is going. Not to accuse anybody, those things occur in sports, wounds occur in sports and you must manage it.

"The guys we brought in, I thought, did their best in a situation where they probably weren't chosen right away," Therefore, they were entered into the competition possibly out of season. It was difficult to lose two players like that, but we did our best, but we weren't good enough," Boucher stated.

Boucher insisted that the team management might have to make some difficult decisions going forward based on how fit the players were. In the bowling lineup, you lose two of your stars. This will leave a few holes, and we tried to fix them as best we could. I hope the guys can recover from their injuries. We'll have to look elsewhere if they can't.

"There are so many things that we can discuss however for me to get into a sticky situation presently would be moronic. I believe now is the right time to simply sit back, mirror a little, remove the feeling from it and make some great, sound cricketing choices whenever everything is quieted down and when we figure out the fate of specific people and where they are according to a wellness point of view."

Boucher defended the bowlers, saying that they had improved significantly throughout the competition. However, he also said that the numerous scores of 200 or more against his team had affected the bowlers' confidence.

"The bowlers, I believe you need to approach it from a different angle. When looking at the totals that were scored and chased down at Wankhede, it's possible to say that our bowlers were going for a lot of runs. Yes, there were a few games in which we could have bowled better. Our bowling team is quite inexperienced. However, we had some good conversations, and I believe we got better as the competition went on.

"However, when we look at it, not only did we achieve a score above 200, but we also chased scores above 200. Therefore, any visitor to Wankhede will be aware that the field and pitch are extremely conducive to batting. I feel frustrated about the bowlers on occasion, going for scores more than 200 can gouge your certainty a piece, which presumably did to two or three our bowlers. However, we were striving for scores of 200 or higher. So you need to take a gander at it in an alternate setting," he said.

In the interim, talking about his lady IPL crusade as the lead trainer, Boucher said: " I've had a wonderful time, and I've really enjoyed the experience. The guys in the dressing room are good, and the support staff has been great and has a lot of experience. It's a very tough competition; winning a cricket match takes a lot of effort, and there are many good teams you'll face. As a result, outcomes can take any turn. Therefore, it is a very stressful competition. However, in saying that, to get to the end of the season games is a decent accomplishment. Clearly frustrated about this evening's outcome yet I thought we battled right the way till the end."

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